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Kudos from our Audiences

​What our audiences are saying about Wild Horse Stage Co., Heathers, The Musical

"It was a huge gift to those of us lucky enough to attend. Such strong, believable characters who sang the difficult score with deep meaning and bite. The choruses were also powerful. The directing, sets and lighting all highlighted the dark story and projected the stormy yet vivid colors of life. What an ensemble! Thank you!"

"I am so proud of this company for bringing edgy, meaningful theater to our community. I am very proud of all of you for stretching the limits and showing that excellent theater can be current, controversial and fun all at the same time!!  Proud that WH is forging this path!!"

"Bravo Heather’s Cast! I was blown away by the depth of every actor on stage. The singing was superb, the staging picturesque, the tech and lighting added layers to the show, bringing the messages of the actors to the forefront! I laughed and cried and my heart bursted with pride to see you all shine in your moments on stage tonight! Thank you Sierra Scott and Tara Burke for shining the spotlight on a beautiful show and just as importantly, shining the spotlight on the mental health issues that our youth grapple with every day."


"Hilariously gruesome. And JD is off the charts."

"I cannot say enough about this moving performance, sets and musical depth. Great job to everyone!"


"Heathers was worth the wait! Opening night was amazing!"

"Exceptional performances!"

"It was SO good and all performances were truly amazing. Bravo!"

"Bravo to the cast, crew and directors of "Heathers, the Musical". It warms my heart to see the talent. Bravissimo!"

"So good to see all these actors on stage again. Well done!!"

"It was so great! Congratulations to everyone! Great show!"


"An actor must never be afraid to make a fool of himself."

- Harvey Cocks

Our Mission
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